“Nia” means an honest exchange, good energy between two things. Our brand, Nia Luxury Resort Wear, believes fundamentally that your wardrobe should inspire your personal happiness. We are passionately driven to create collections that bring you joy, elegance, self-empowerment, healing, love, style, limitless creativity and, above all, support a good relationship with yourself. Love yourself first and it reflects back into the world around you. 

Honesty, uniqueness, nature, respect and kindness are the values behind every choice of fabric, colour and cut we offer. On the surface, they are beautiful pieces, but each has been constructed with the intention to bring self love and happiness to your life. Amazing colours and loose wearable styles heighten your well-being and have the power to change your outlook on any day. Each piece is also embroidered with Cho Ku Rei, the Japanese reiki symbol for drawing the limitless supply of energy from the universe into your being, as a subtle reminder to live in the present moment with our hearts open and minds clear. Nia is Style with Intention. 

Our founder

Sophia Anastasiou has two main passions in life: Fashion Design and Reiki. After many years of experience and practice, she identified a unique thread running through both fields: colour and symbolism for self-empowerment. Today, Sophia is dedicated to combining all her skills and talents for the making of something innovative: clothing that changes you from the outside in. Her work at Nia answers the question, “Can I change my approach to this day by choosing to dress with intention?” And has resulted in a collection of unique pieces in rich, natural colours that are wearable and desirable.

Sophia, a postgraduate from Central St Martins, is named an Award Winning Designer by Grayson Perry. She has worked as Head designer/Stylist for Fashionone TV and at DKNY. She has learnt from the Tony award wining costume designer Martin Pakledinaz on Broadway, and worked in theatres worldwide.